Tales From The Cells is the reality inside United States Prisons, both Federal and State. We are involved in advocacy and reform! Redemption and confession with our My Story section and lost, lonely souls with our Pen Pal section. We give prisoners a voice, a platform to tell their story, to offer up their lifestyle inside, and to air problems within the prison walls. This is as close to the inside as you will ever get without actually walking inside the world within a world. Reality at it's finest, Can you handle the Truth?

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Written by Nikita   
Friday, 27 March 2009 03:30



So where the hell have we been? That seems to be the question of the day. We are still here. Tales will never die, not so long as there is injustice, not so long as there is brutal treatment and misguided punishment for the “criminals” of our society.  I’d like you all to remember that not all people in prison are bad, mistakes are made but nine times out of ten the punishment doesn’t fit the crime. That is an aspect we’ve not touched on much yet here on Tales, but one we most certainly will discuss.  Tales is in constant reconstruction with editing, with graphic design, with all the fun, eye catching stuff. Working with clients and their families and the families right here working for Tales. This is more than just a business, we are a family. If you are reading, and you spot an error, shoot us a message. Your help not only helps us here at Tales, it helps our convict family as well. Help is help is help ya know it people, whether it comes in the form of a donation, of a book, of words of kindness, or of pointing out our errors, and in this world, we could all use a hand, admittedly or not!!


A lot of thank yous need to go out, so please take a moment and check these fine folks out. Maria Shriver has been following the site, and taking interest in what we have to say here. So please check her out on Twitter and give her a little tweet and a right on, letting her know you saw her on Tales!! Another big thank you needs to go out to Mr. George Jung’s people. They have helped and encouraged Tales From The Cells before Tales even cut teeth. There are several other political people, news anchors, and just the average every day Joe and Jill that have helped by spreading the word about us. I’d like to thank all of you with one of my favorite quotes: "The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be only the beginning."  ~Ivy Baker Priest






In the coming weeks we have a few very cool things planned. The holiday season is incredibly hard on not only our loved ones in prison but the loved ones on the other side of the fence. I would like to get a “card tree” started. Stay tuned for more details.  We have a 10 part series on FCC Oakdale in Oakdale, Louisiana. Katfish has given exceptional detail as well as the hard facts. His persona and writing ability has opened the window to let us all view inside Federal Prison and what it is really like, and due to his writing, he has suffered. He has spent countless days in SHU aka The HOLE for letting you know what is happening, he has been moved and transferred because there is not a thing wrong with what he is doing, but nobody likes to be discovered in such a public manner. Tales From The Cells genuinely appreciates his contribution to the web site and we hope to continue to hear from him as he is a very special part of this family now.


We’d also like to send a special shout out to ALL the boys at FCC Oakdale! Be good and be well fellas, you have become part of our thoughts now. Welcome to the Tales family, where no one is left behind. Delays, oh hell yes there are delays here. Sometimes LONG delays, but nobody is left behind nor forgotten. My husband has shown incredible patience with me as life sometimes tends to drag ME along and I don’t always have the world by the short and curlies, thus the web site work suffers. No excuses, just the reality I live in. This work is very important to me and to several others. This cause is extreme and is something that will not stop until everyone is AWARE and the system revamped. If everyone took one small baby step towards this goal, we could make a deafening change.

If any of you have comments, suggestions, loved ones you’d like to see featured, a story of your own perhaps, please contact me!!! Any message will be welcomed and addressed promptly.Thank you for your time, and as always, thank you for your support at Tales From The Cells. It’s more than just a web site, it’s a lifeline and a place that gives our husbands, wives, sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, Aunts, Uncles, loved ones and friends, the convicts of society a voice.

Be Good and Be Well, Hug your loved ones a little tighter, laugh a little longer, love a little harder and remember that life is too short to be sad all the time…

Nikita~ Owner-Editor in Chief Tales From The Cells



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Linda Lee Simon  - Just got in, Yeah   |Registered |2009-05-04 22:09:52
Well I guess they wont keep me out! lol
The site is some site, i get more inf
o here that from DOC. gov.. good work great blogs too cool.... linda
judicamarato  - how   |64.12.116.xxx |2009-05-12 17:51:38
Posted image
Linda Lee Simon wrote:
Well I guess they wont keep me out! lol
The site  is some site, i get mor
e info here that from DOC. gov.. good work great blogs too cool.... linda

 how do i access artwork of ira riggs
debbie buckhorn   |97.121.74.xxx |2010-03-02 03:51:06
I am quite impressed with what you have  done, Nicole. keep up th
e good work honey. God Ble ss.....
Nikita  - Owner/Operator   |97.121.74.xxx |2010-03-02 04:27:53
Little Debbie! Great to see you stoppin by! Thank you, there is always room for
improvement with the site, but I believe we are now HELPING people, wo rd has
spread through hundreds of prisons about us , and good things are happening for
all. How've yo u been? Shoot me an e-mail!
Nikita   |97.121.83.xxx |2009-05-13 06:58:41
I'm so glad you made it in! We've had issues with the comment section. This is
much more difficult t o maintain and get things working when you do it o n your
own and it's not all premade. *smiles*

You rock girly, keep coming back! Mu
ch love to you Linda, you've been there from day one!
Diamond Dave   |74.32.27.xxx |2009-06-22 19:37:35
Hi Nikita,

It really sucks for Katfish to have to go thru all of these
changes cause of some Mo or possibly a grudge held by some chickenshit guard.
I wrote you last month and let you know tha t the Big C is back, so here I am st
uck at home fe eling like shit most of the time. I find it easy t o feel sorry f
or myself,I get a dose of the "W hy Me's" and then I read about the way
Katfish is getting jerked around and more often than not I snap out of it, cau
se I realize that I'm not the only person in the world with problems......Diamo
nd Dave
Nikita   |SAdministrator |2009-06-23 05:18:06
Diamond Dave...

I am very sorry the big C is back . *big hugs* Is there an
ything Tales from the Cell s can do to help you, or myself personally? I ho
pe  you have a strong support system there. You are i n my thoughts an
d prayers!

I personally apprecia te you and your dedication to Tales, as
does every  writer on this site. Your presence is noticed, no ted, and
enjoyed. I'm glad it helps you get rid of  the why mes. It helps me someti
mes too, but remem ber this Mr. Diamond Dave, every single person is  
important. YOU are important! Hang in there, and k eep the comments coming
friend!! **hugggs**
Diamond Dave   |74.32.43.xxx |2009-07-21 14:47:47
Hi Nics,

Just staying connected and e-ma iling others is a tremendous
help, feeling alright today,
Thanks for caring. Yes I do have a good s upport
system, a real force of nature, my wife of 24 years. But I do get tired of lean
ing on her. Bo nnie needs to get out a little and unwind and have some fun and
I beg her to do just that, problem i s that she dosen't like to leave me alone f
or more than a half hour, she tells me that we'll have pl enty of time for fun
when we're done fighting this battle. My best to everyone..............Diamond
Nics  - Owner/Operator   |97.119.44.xxx |2009-07-24 07:04:43
Always a pleasure to see you here. I've put you on a bunch a prayer request cha
ins. Believing is som etimes the difference between life and death. Ulti matly I
believe that the prayers keep hope alive. Relgion is a topic for another day.
Are you feelin g really sick? Going through chemo and radiation? Anything we ca
n do to help YOU?

It's hard to enjo y yourself when someone you love is sufferi
ng. I a m with your wife, once your recover, a vacation to Figi is in order. *g
Keep hanging on and ke ep coming back Dave, things keep getting more and
more interesting here at Tales. Your support and b eing one of the few brave pe
ople who will stand up and leave a message and your opinion, I commend y ou!!
DiamondDave   |74.32.43.xxx |2009-07-24 17:07:24
Hi Nics, Thanks for the encouragement, Figi sounds good to me. Today is my birt
hday, just turned 52. There were times when I didn't think that I'd mak e 32 an
d didn't give a fuck either. How stupid tha t was, nowadays I hold onto life wit
h both hands a nd everything I've got. Who was it that said"T oo soon old, T
oo late smart", that dude was on time. Tonight Bonnie is taking me to this
new BBQ joint for dinner and I have a feeling that a few guys from the club wi
ll be there. Although I haven 't been in the mood lately, I sure am looking fowa
rd to it!!
Take care and regards to Katfish and where has Sativa
Nics   |97.121.86.xxx |2009-07-26 05:59:33
Sativa is here! She also has a Myspace page. The S tripper Series will continue, I've been having personal issues to deal with an d it has slowed things.
The entire series is ready ! With me it seems it's always hurry up and wait
.  I've decided instead of always apologizing, I will  do as much as I
can, and continue forward. My las t writer was not very patient, and blame
s me for h is "lost" career. Nobody would even know h im if it
were not for me. Bitter? Sometimes. Bette r? Abso-fucking-lutely! Katfish
is a much easier  person to work with. And his style is different, b 
ut he is in such a tough spot right now. Blowing o pen the truth is very im
portant to him. He's given  up the tiny bit of freedom he did have for this
s ite. We are very proud of him, and give him endles s thanks for put
ting up with me (Nikita), and to e ncourage as m...
Nikita   |97.121.86.xxx |2009-07-26 06:07:23
Damn it! This word limit sucks. I had to leave an apology to someone in the Joh
n Kilgore "My Sto ry" as well because of the word limit.
In any case, S
ativa is still here. She is going to be a p ermanent fixture around here. Tales
has hired her on! She is a beautiful, witty, intelligent, funny, all around gr
eat lady, and one I definatley want on my team! So you will be seeing a lot mor
e of he r. Once we get caught up on a lot of typing, she w ill have reigns here.
Exciting! I've not decided w hat social networking site to go with, but I will
pick one, we need more traffic and more people wil ling to comment. The DOJ and
BOP are regulars here , but nobody seems to want to leave their thoughts , even
anonymously! Hmmmm.

I hope you had a Happ y Birthday!! Birthdays are not much
fun after 21. Then it's just another notch after that. Look at y our wife and
enjoy her, she sounds like a lovely w oman who love...
Sativa   |Author |2009-09-16 17:47:26
traci lynn ward (miller)  - t-bird   |207.224.52.xxx |2009-10-09 01:28:36
hi hows it shaken in Tx? Im still in denver. Bet u can't guess who this is? an
y way I can't chat no w i just wanted to check up on u take care of your self K!
from #1 traci
Let's just say ..It's me  - Good Job   |173.88.32.xxx |2010-03-06 20:29:34
Good job on the site
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