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Written by Katfish   
Wednesday, 08 July 2009 00:05

Gentlemen, nature works in a mysterious way. When a new truth comes upon the earth, or a great idea necessary for mankind is born, where does it come from? Not from the police force or the prosecuting attorneys or the judges or the lawyers or the doctors; not there. It comes from the despised and the outcast; it comes from perhaps jails and prisons; it comes from men who have dared to be rebels and think their thoughts; and their fate has been the fate of rebels. This generation gives them graves while another builds them monuments; and there is no exception to it. It has been true since the world began, and it will be true no doubt forever.

-Clarence Darrow-

Isn't that a terrific quote? I just recently found it in Hunter Thompson's “Fear & Loathing in America”.


Well, my friends, check this out: I felt the only way to substantiate the vague hinting at a “closer to home” transfer was to fly a few kites. Today is Friday, June 26th, 2009. I've been in the Bucket for 45 days today. I've flown a dozen kites. It's B.O.P.'s policy to answer kites with in 30 days. It's Big Springs practice to ignore most kites. I've received one answer. One in twelve. Better than nothing I suppose. Fortunately for me my case manager is hung up on being politically correct, therefore using the term “Shu Hostage” compelled him to respond. He was helpless not to. It's been my experience with Mr. Willoughby that he's honest. At any rate, here's the kite:



                                                  Official Document A                                                                

Notice the fact that in his response he says I have “13” points. I do NOT have 13 points, and will prove so in a moment. It is the term “close supervision” transfer that I find terribly ambiguous. I do not know the definition of this, nor do I know why he chose to use quotation marks. I have asked a wide variety of staff who have come with in hailing distance of my hostage door to explain this. At this time I've received no satisfactory answers, the most popular one being, “Never heard of it.”

I penned two identical kites last night; one to be sent to Willoughby, the other to be displayed here:

                                                                   Official Document B

I'm very much looking forward to an answer to this; if I can get one that is. It should be interesting in relation to this kite's wording...

…. And so much for all of that. In the meantime I'd like to present TFTC with my last progress report. These are done annually (once a year- which in my case is every July). The one I'm having displayed here is the triennial edition. Please look at this thing closely: Four pages which supposedly sums up my last 3 years as a hostage in Big Spring, Texas (from July 2005 thru July 2008). You will note a number of things.....

                                                                     Official Document 1

Page One: You see here my charge and it's subsequent sentence (see arrow). 15 years with a 5 year parole tail (which the DOJ/BOP coins “Supervised Release”). A total of 20 years for ONE pistol. (GASP!) That's a damned long time for exercising an American's Second Amendment Rights. But this is old news.

Page Two: What is NOT displayed is my arrival here in Big Spring on 07-08-05 due to “lack of bed space”, so I took the liberty of writing it in myself; I'm at a loss as to why that Seg time has not been made inclusive. So anyway, got out on 07-19-05, yet put BACK in the Bucket on 07-21-05 because the fifteen-potato-sandwich-eating-kow at Psych/Mental Health powertirpped on me (and my friend, a sureno named “Dreamer), and showed us who was really boss. This earned her a dressing down by the (then) new warden, Mr. Justice, who had us released from Seg five days later. (Item G would indicate it had not been a psychological issue. DUH!)

On 07-29-05 I was yet again Segged; this time for getting beat down in the 07-29-05 Riot (be watching for that blog). This time I was kept down until the 5th of December, 2005. And even thought it was the prison “Paisas” gang that had jumped on 32 of us Peckerwoods, and even though the BOP/DOJ authorities placed a “separtee' order” on all 32 of our files (meaning we were to be separated from all “Paisas” prison gangs), Big Spring chose to place us back on the compound rather than transfer us despite the separtee' order! Fortunately I made peace with the Paisas, even going as far as learning their language (see {Education Courses}).

On 06-08-06, I was once again placed in the Bucket; this time for twelve days: investigated for fighting and subsequently cleared. Released back onto this compound on 06-19-06. At that point I'd had enough of Texan Prison Politics. In August of that year ('06), I began writing a book, doing so while completely withdrawn from the mainstream population.

    One more thing of note RE page two: Every item from D through H is a POSITIVE mark in my favor.

Page Three: The most noteworthy item here is item “J”. Please note the “(X) NO”  Answer to the 18 USC 4042(C) Query. This clearly indicates that SIS LT. Daniels' declaration that the BOP has me down as an S/O is either a mistake, or in Daniels case, a savage and very dangerous bluff to end my blogs ( watch for the upcoming S/O blog) RE FCI Big Spring's daily program violations. I've very recently been informed that TFTC's attorney is closely following this S/O thing, stating that if an S/O-C/M sleeve is attached to my jacket (he's advised me to sign nothing), he will “Sue the pants off the prison AND the DOJ, winning enough that our grandchildren's grandchildren would be comfortable.” This attorney views TFTC on a daily basis, and is privy to all blogs before they are posted.

Page Four: This is the “Custody Classification Form”. This has 5 points of interest on it. The first point (not marked) is that this entire piece of paper defies definition unless one has been fed this boolshit on a constant basis, thus I'm not even going to try to explain the mathematics, altho' I suspect martian calculus is involved.

Point A: (marked) Clearly Shows the date of my LAST point classification.

Point B: (marked) Clearly indicates I had 12 points, not 13 as Mr. Willoughby indicates in the 06-25-09 kite. This is important in respect of points vis-a-vis Camp Eligibility inasmuch as 11 points IS camp eligible, thus every single point counts.

Point C: (marked) Indicates that my next reclassification (due NOW, July) would involve a decrease in my points which is indicated by Arrow D. I was told that Point D meant if one was sober for 5 years it would translate into a (0) mark rather than the (1) indicated, thus I'd have 11 points and be camp eligible. REALLY.

Okay, Am I the only one who sees a trend here? Or does it look to you as if I'm being set up for a royal screwing, one in direct violation of the Scher decision? What does “Close Supervision” transfer mean? Will Willoughby answer my “verbage”? After 4 years of honesty from Willoughby, why would he suddenly become just another Big Spring prevaricator & dissembler? Stay tuned, Peeps, bcuz one I find out what the Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum BOP has in store for me next, I'll get it to Niks immediately. Here's a thought: Does “Close Supervision” transfer mean “Diesel Therapy”? What is Diesel Therapy? Niks, let them know, write it up girl..




Official Documents described in blog, click links through-out the blog, and the last 3 pages here at the bottom!

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Nikita  - Owner/Operator   |97.121.75.xxx |2009-07-09 05:50:18
Diamond Dave..
Thanks for being so loyal! And than k you for your offer to
help. Letters to the warde n would be effective. Letters to Mr. Willoughby
a sking for an explination and what is happening wit h Mike aka Katfi
sh. Also where it says "share& #34;, reddit, digit, and a few others ar
e awesome  to help bring people in. I've been in contact with  the ACL
U. I'm doing all I can in order to prevent  this move from happening. It bo
ggles my mind to t hink that these people just accept that treating o 
thers like this is okay. In my personal opinion, t hey are no better than t
he criminals they house. T here are a few upstanding Correctional Officers
an d Lieutenants, and their props will be given soon,  but there just
aren't enough of them that go in a nd just do their job. They take it perso
nal, have  a vendetta, or they simply had a ba...
Nikita part 2   |97.121.75.xxx |2009-07-09 05:52:39
had a bad day and think nobody gives a shit what  happens to these people
in prison. WRONG! Every pe rson in prison is someones friend, brother, husb
an d, father, child, wife, mother, aunt, uncle. I mea n, these people
are not forgotten, it's the plain  fact that those of us out here feel as i
f we have  no legal recourse. It's "too scary". When  I starte
d Tales From The Cells, this is what I had  always hoped it would become, a
place where peopl e could come and tell their story, the real story, 
and maybe, just maybe somebody out there with the  answers on how to help
would stand up and shout!  

For now, all we can do is repeatedly send lett
er s of question. Refer to Tales and the blogs you've  read, they've a
ll been here, they know exactly wh at you are talking about. If you are bra
ve enough,  call them up, ask them what is goi...
Nikita 3   |97.121.75.xxx |2009-07-09 05:54:20
call them up, ask them what is going on with inma te Michael K Harris #325
99-013. I will give the co ntact information right here.

Thanks again Dav
e,  how've you been feeling and what is your prognosi s? And don't wor
ry, more of sexy Sativa is on the  way! We all love that girl. I'm going to
get her i ntegrated into this whole site, and with any luck,  her sex
y charm will rub off and we will get lots  of men and women who want to par
ticipate here!



G, TX 79720

Case Manager: Mr. Willoughby


However, she is taking over on July 19th. Currently she is working as Assistant Warden at P ollock, LA. So, my recom
mendation is to contact Wi lloughby, and wait until the 19th gets here to c
on tact Warden Edgefield. She is new to the facility,  there...
Nikita 4   |97.121.75.xxx |2009-07-09 05:56:51
and wait until the 19th gets here to contact Ward en Edgefield. She is new
to the facility, there mi ght be a fighting chance she will look at it and
s top what is going on.


Fax:43 2-466-2576


If you get a response, please let me k
now, we wi ll make it public. I don't think you will, but if  enough p
eople TRY and do this, it will help. It wi ll let them know and understand
that people are aw are of the Mike Harris #32599-013 situation, and t 
hey are not going to forget, keeping track of wher e he goes. Beaumont, TX is the rumor of where he will be transferred. BEAUMONT? UNBELIEVABLE! He needs to be moved to the Federa l Transfer Center until
this is cleared up, or let  back out on the yard.

Thanks for listening, t
ha nks for helping! Thank all of you who will take a  chance and do th
Nikita 5   |97.121.75.xxx |2009-07-09 05:58:36

Thanks for listening, thanks for helping! Thank all of you who will take a ch
ance and do this. Goo d things come back to good deeds. I am a firm beli ever in
karma my friends. Please please help in an y of the ways suggested. Or send Mik
e a letter, te ll him you've read his blogs, and you won't forget him and are k
eeping track!!

Be Good and Be Well!
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