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Written by Katfish   
Tuesday, 11 August 2009 22:29
First I want everyone out there who is watching this drama unfold to stop for one goddamned moment, and give props to Nikita for posting this shit about FCI Big Spring.
Nik’s has the courage of her convictions. We’ve grown tight as a motherfucker too. Friggin’ girl has more nuts than most of the convicts in here.
Convict fist pump, and a hug- booyah- to Rose Red (my nickname for her).

Okay- Yes, as of June 3rd, 2009, I’m still in the hole.


Yesterday, the shu-police moved me, and my “Forrest Gump Bob” celly to different cell- standard BOP procedure really. Every three weeks or so, they play musical cells.

My new cell is exactly like the old one, except for two major differences: I have a bigger desk with two stools, and there is no expanded metal welded to either window, thus this cell is fairly clean.

Once settled in, I discovered a stack of papers on the lower bunks shelf. In those papers were copies of the new commissary sheet, a copy of a convicts disciplinary report, for refusing to give a urine sample, and a BP_5293.052, which is an inmates rights at discipline hearing form. I’m including this for posting.


Never yet having been given a shot in the feds, I’d not seen one before.


People, as I read the seven inmates rights, I quickly became stunned with the blatant misinformation therein.


So read the form, then read my opinion of one through seven. I believe it’s kind of important that people know that the kangaroo courts in every federal prison uses this same inmates rights form.


First Right


Imagine you’re a convict, and you’ve been in the bucket for, I dunno, say 90 days, a suit shows up, hands you your disciplinary sheet, and a copy of the inmates rights through the tray slot in the door.


Now say it’s 8 a.m.; Your hearing is at 8 a.m., in 24 hours.


Great- now you have 24 hours to prepare.


The 90 day investigation clause gave the SIS police all the time in the world to prepare a defense, but you’ve got to get at it, tiger!


Second Right


A convict has the right to have a staff member represent them at the hearing.


If a convict would even deem to be represented by a B.O.P. employee, said employee must be reasonably available, meaning if he/she isn’t here at 8 a.m. tomorrow, you’re screwed.


Also, keep in mind you’ve been in the bucket for 90 days, you have not been on the compound, you no longer know if anyone remembers you, or even why you are in the bucket.

How in the world are you going to locate a staff member who may know, or even be willing to go on record, that you’re either innocent, or that there were mitigating factors, because they won’t let you out of the bucket, to go round up evidence on your behalf, in the first place?


Third Right


The right to call witnesses, present documentary evidence, blah, blah, fucking blah. Same thing. How’s a hostage in the bucket suppose to do this?
And this: “…provide institutional safety not to be jeopardized.”


Are they kidding me?


They invoke an ambiguous term like that without having to justify the reason, and you can bet you’re never getting out of the bucket- never!


Fourth Right


The right to talk or remain silent.

Only in this case, the most basic Miranda Rights/5th Amendment rights are completely excluded, because this clearly states that remaining silent may be used to draw an adverse inference, while at the same time stating your silence alone may not be used to support a finding of guilt. Catch 22; Doublespeak, baby, doublefuckingspeak. Silent or not, you will be found guilty.


Fifth Right


You can either be present, or not, for the charade, because one way or another they are absolutely sitting in judgment of you.

They have added that all the staff reps, and/or witnesses, that they never let you contact, can be present.


As if.


Sixth Right


Check this out- they’re willing to come tell you that they’ve found you guilty.


Why wouldn’t they? It’s highly likely that the POE/SIS that put you in here to begin with was probably having lunch with the hearing officer the day before, at the officer’s mess, at the chow chow hall.
And, hey- not only are they willing to tell you you’re guilty, as if 90 days the bucket wasn’t enough proof of “guilty until proven innocent”, but they’ll even give you written proof, same as the gave you a copy of your inmate rights.


Seventh Right


You have the right to appeal, and have 20 days to do so.


Man, do not bother. In the eyes of the bureaucrats, the moment one of their guards put you in the bucket, you were 10% guilty, and the whole disciplinary hearing was nothing more than lip service, red tape, and a dosie doe. You never had a chance.


And, neither do I.


This whole circus began with them placing me in the bucket for “investigation”, for threats against another inmate (If Nikita has been receiving my blogs from the bucket, without staff interference, then everyone knows my story thus far.).


Listen up, boys, and girls- the great, and secret show is my baby.


Even so, I can neither predict, nor imagine where it may next lead. It’s a race car out of control, but rest assured that Katfish is not asleep at the wheel. Trust me- it’s higly unlikely that I will be giving a shot for threatening another inmate.


My personal opinion on checking in another inmate is this: Should I have any problem with another man in khakis, I won’t be checking him because to do so would mean I couldn’t get at him. That defeats the purpose because I’d rather confront a man face to face, one on one, thus settling the matter once, and for all.

Checking someone in is basically chickenshit, in my opinion, so I remain confident that I’ll not receive a shot for “threatening another inmate”, because there’s three decades worth of evidence to the contrary.


I don’t check people in period.


Nonetheless, I have been informed that I will be transferred. The powers that be damned sure don’t want me back, on this compound. It drives them crazy to think there’s a convict on the yard whom both convicts, and guards, can confide in knowing identities will remain my secret.

And finally, I do have a helluva of revelation coming to you soon. Re: My last interview with SIS on 5-27-09. The implied threats will astound you, fucking let me gape mouths. Nikita is even now researching the facts for me. You’re just going to shit.

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