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Written by Katfish   
Sunday, 30 August 2009 23:41


Katfish and J.C.


A very interesting meeting between SIS Lt.’s Daniels, Tubbs, and myself took place on June 24th, 2009. It occurred exactly when lunch trays had come through the slot in the door.



Allow me to re-introduce myself: My name is Katfish. For the last 26 days, I’ve been hostage in the SHU- what convicts call “the bucket”.



At one point, I was told I was in here for investigation. SIS’s belief that I’d chosen some random child molester out of the hundreds here, and forced him, and him alone, to check into protective custody. But after the meeting on June 27th, I think SIS tipped their hand. Tell me how you see it.



So anyway, the guards here in the bucket told me to leave my lunch tray in my cell, and cuff up because SIS wanted to see me now.


In the SIS office, I was confronted by both Daniels, and Tubb.

It went something like this (keep in mind I was cuffed behind my back).



Daniels: Well, why is it we keep hearing the name Katfish all over the yard?



Katfish: Probably because all my partners are telling anyone who will listen that you’ve got the wrong guy. You do, you know.



D: Who are they saying is the right guy? Do you know?



K: C’mon man. I can’t tell you that. But ask the guards in Sunrise. They’ll tell you I ain’t had shit to do with the Chester crap.



D: Which guards?



K: Doesn’t matter. Choose anyone at random. They’ve been watching me write my book, while avoiding every stupidity to come down the pike for the past 3 years. Pick one. Pick anyone. Doesn’t matter.



D: (Just looks at me.)



K: I know that both of you guys know I ain’t done shit. What’s the real deal?



D: (Looks at me a moment longer.) I didn’t know you had a web blog site.



K: I don’t. My girl has one. I’m just kind of a contributing editor.



D: I just read about CO Barton.



K: Ah, yes. Mister rocket scientist himself.



D: Hmm- a blog site. Oh, by the way_Did you know your file reflects you’re a sex offender?



K: Get the fuck out of here! It does not.



D: (Refers to some papers on his desk.) Says here that in 1983 you were involved with a minor.



K: Tami. That was ‘82, man. I was 21, Tami was 15. She’s my wife.



D: Doesn’t matter because it makes you a sex offender.



K: What do you mean? I’ve never been charged with a sex offense; Let alone convicted of one.



D: Well, you’re listed as one according to the Walsh Act.



Tobb: (Finally begins to speak.) You know who Walsh is right?



K: Guess not. (I was stunned, folks, pure fucking rocked.)



T: John Walsh from America’s Most Wanted.



K: You know, it’s not against the law in Colorado- me and Tami.



D: It is with the feds.



K: Shit man. Did you know you only have to be 15 to get married in Utah? Tami’s sister married her 28 year old husband. I know about that for a fact.



D: Only have to be 14 in New Mexico.



K: (Grunts, wondering how Daniels knows that.) When did this Walsh crap begin?



D: (Looks at Tubb.) 2006, wasn’t it?



T: (Grunts an affirmative.)



K: Hell, that leaves me and Tami out then, I guess.



D: It’s retroactive.



K: (Trying to recover.) Well, I’ll be damned. Let me ask you this. If I’m a sex offender, then why am I up here (meaning the bucket)?



D: (Ignores that.) Guess I’ll just keep reading your blogs. But yes, the BOP views you as a sex offender. Thought you’d like to know (waggles his eyebrows).



-End of interview-


Oh yes, boys and girls- Daniel’s implied threat came through loud and clear, but me, and my blogging, won’t be so easily intimidated. In fact, I plan to double up.


The first thing I do was go to the rec cages, and tell the fellas about this, to which they scoffed.


Chopper said, “Shit! I already knew you’d met Tami when she was 15- it’s in your book, dawg. Out there for everyone to see.”.


Glimpses Of Madness by Mike Harris


“Sounds like to me that Daniels is threatening you ‘Fish, saying that he might leak it onto the compound unless you quit blogging their asses”, said J.P..



“Yeah. He didn’t come right out, and say it like that, but yeah, that’s kind of the impression I got too.”, I admitted.


“They’re doing you wrong, dawg. Whatcha gonna do?”



“I’m gonna put it out there first. I wrote Nikita, asked for a copy of the Walsh Act, and each state’s “age to marry law“, plus a list of celebrities who met their significant others before they were old enough to vote. Nik’s has a copy of my entire criminal history. I’m in here as an armed career criminal, which means my entire criminal history was part of my discovery. Been charged 56 times in my life; Never for a sex offense. I sent that copy back to Nik’s when we first began writing.”


Yes I do have the FULL copy, but I am having trouble getting it put up here it's so big/long. I will send out a mass message to all the subscribers once it is posted. Rest assured, there is no sex offense anywhere in that report. 


“Holy shit!, Chopper laughed, “Elvis is a Chester!”.



“Yeah, so is Jerry Lee Lewis, Marlon Brando- even my Dad! He was messing with my Mom when she was 16, and he was 20!”, I laughed.


On Friday, June 5th, I received my copy of the Walsh Act. And, even though I found exactly what I was looking for in the first few pages, I slogged on through the whole stack. Lot’s of good stuff in the Walsh Act. There is nothing about meeting one’s wife when she was 15. Nevertheless, I’ve taken the one page, and will post it here. I’m also having Nikita post my entire criminal history- the one the FBI provided for inclusion with my career criminal discovery. See for yourself.


So then, what exactly was Lt. Daniels trying to say, do, or accomplish by his “revelation”? I think we all have a pretty good idea. That was so shakey snake ass shit the BOP? DOJ tried via Lt. Daniels, but it didn’t fly. Baby was a goddamn brick. That may have been their only ace in the hole. Now that that’s been taken, I wonder what’s next? Maybe diesel therapy. If I suddenly, and inexplicably go off line, bet that’s where I’m at.




People, a man named Danny “Red Dog” Martin has traveled down this very same road, writing truths about federal prison, and being fucked by BOP authorities sanctioned by the DOJ. I’m using TFTC to tell all. Red Dog used the San Franciso Examiner.


Mr. Martin is free now, as far as I know anyway, and has published a book titled, “Committing Journalism”. Check it out. The BOP has been trying to censor convicts for decades.



As far as this sex offender label SIS is trying to stick to me- Nikita has contacted an attorney. His words are, “An actual conviction must be present for them to put that in your file.”



Stay tuned people. It’s about to get interesting.


Is there anybody out there? Leave your thoughts!



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I come accros several sites like yours every day, this was the first that kept
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I think its good they put that in your file. Hones tly just because something is
not the law, you sti ll know morally you are wrong. Come on you know no normal
20 year has anything in common with a 15 y ear old. I hope it stays on your rec
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