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Written by Katfish   
Thursday, 21 May 2009 23:56

ree.gif - 10.80 KbA memo posted for the employees of the Bureau of Prisons…

“On March 23, 1992, the United States Supreme Court affirmed the fact that prison guards and officials can be held personally liable for retaliatory or harassment searches or searches leaving an inmate’s cell in disarray. See Scher v. Engelke, 943 F.2 921 (8th Cir.1991), cert. denied, -- U.S.—112 S. Ct. 1516, 117 L. ed 652 (1992). Scher held that the scope of Eighth Amendment Protection is broader than mere infliction of physical pain.
Prison Guards and Officials:
You have now been given notice of clearly established law and Constitutional Rights. Retaliation and Harassment are illegal! Respect and professionalism are required. After your shake-down of this locker, please leave it in the condition you found it. “

~The Center for Constitutional Rights and Justice , Copies Provided For Free

It has happened......come and read more to find out just what "it" is.



Greetings From The Hole!!

Well, people, here I sit, in the hole. I’m not actually in the hole, per se, not while I’m writing this anyways. But IF you’re reading this on your screen, this means I have, in fact, been jammed in the bucket. Life sucks in the hole.


I’m writing this in advance because the S.I.S. Officers, The Captain, all the little wanna-be wardens, and probably the Warden himself, have put me here. It’s retaliation most foul. Something I wrote pissed someone off. Either the BOP, DOJ, or Big Spring FCI has a secret which they’d rather you not had known. But now you know it. The whole world knows it. So into the hole w/me. I saw this coming. Sure I did. The suits at Big Spring, FCI, are not anything if they’re not transparent. They’re also liars. Do not let them tell you I’m in the hole for investigation; there’s nothing to investigate, I admitted to blogging their asses.


“In The Hole for Investigation” is a catchall phrase. It means they can keep you in the bucket for 90 days for no reason whatsoever. And at the end of those 90 days, they can actually extend it yet ANOTHER 90 days, all under the guise of “In the Hole for Investigation”. Now check this chickenshit out: After a man has been in the Hole for the entire 180 days of “Investigation”, they have to let him out.


Meet my little friend Cletus (is too his real name). Cletus worked at Unicor, received a scholarship which used to be available to full time Unicor employees. Cletus chose the Para-legal course thru The Blackstone Career Institute. I guess Cletus was pretty good at this Para-legal shit. Eventually he quit the Unicor Factory and pursued his studies. Pretty soon word got around that Cletus could help others w/their legalese crap. Cletus stepped up to the plate, Baby…He toed the line and began to help convicts with writings and filings of this, that and other applicable motions, things that could’ve led to some convicts actually giving time back.


To the suits of Big Spring, FCI, this simply would not do. They hemmed Cletus up and put him “In The Hole For Investigation”. At the end of the 180 days, Cletus found himself standing outside the Special Housing Unit (SHU), blinking in the sun.  Cletus was out for one hour, eighteen minutes when they called him back to the LT’s office and jammed him up in the bucket again. Yeppers, you guess it: “In The Hole For Investigation”. As I’m writing this now (It’s 10:56am on Monday, April 27th), Cletus remains in the hole. Their razzle dazzle by letting him out of the bucket for one hour means they complied w/the BOP rules. They absolutely knew they were bringing him back all along; they never released his property from the SHU. Told him to come back after lunch for it. I seen this shit with my own eyes. It’s my opinion they’re going to steal a year of this man’s life because he will not cooperate with them, nor will be say which convicts he helped. Cletus receives 1000 cool points for sticking to his guns. How strange is it that Cletus has ethics and integrity while the authorities who run the Big Sprung, FCI Show have zero ethos? And here’s the contrasting point: If an officer on the bricks was to hassle a citizen in this manner, they’d have the right to do something about it. Here in Big Sprung, we simply have to endure.

I wonder how long I’ll be in here….


Call here, see what’s up with me and why. Don’t stop calling. 

Phone:  432-466-2300
Fax:  432-466-2576

Michael Harris DOC Number: 32599-013

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