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Written by Katfish   
Wednesday, 03 June 2009 00:43



Alright boys and girls, let's get some light in on this, the newest charade yet from FCI Big Sprung. This one may get long, but it will be posted in it's entirety.




Quick review here: On 05-12-09 I was escorted up to the Special Housing Unit (SHU) and placed in Segregation pending "SIS Investigation". I'm not exactly certain what SIS stands for. I've asked before and they've told me, two days later- usually less- and I'll forget. Doesn't matter. SIS is in charge of internal security and/or prison gang activity. So anyway, "SIS Investigation" is an ambiguous term designed to mean anything. By utilizing this particular terminology, SIS can keep a convict in the Bucket for up to 90 days w/o once having to either justify their actions nor reveal their intent. Furthermore, if after the initial 90 days the officers in SIS wish, they can invoke yet another 90 day investigation. This means 180 days in the Bucket just because. I've seen this done. (Cletus Anderson).


 So then, I'm here less than one day and I'm able to gather thru the convict telephone express (which consists of either party yelling up and down the hall to one another) that six of us - four white dudes and two Mexican dudes- have been hemmed up for checkin in child molesters. I'm fucking serious now. To define this, it means we either located, discovered or bulldogged secret information from God only knows where, RE sex offenders and their identities. We then, for whatever reason, ran them off the yard.



When I heard this I was pissed, believing LT. Daniels had once again selected me as his personal scapegoat, having done so twice before (once in '07 when 200 or so child molesters- which I call "Chesters"- were jumped on by the then dominant Mexican prison gang and ran off the yard---a second time in early '08 when he accused me of being the White's Shot Caller. Lt. Daniels is black should that put more relevance to my point here)

Naturally I rained all types of hateful invectives down upon his nappy head. I fired off kites to all types of Wardens great and small as well as to Daniels making certain they all knew I wasn't going to take this travesty lying down. That if they'd get busy and fucking do their investigating jobs instead of sending Lt. Spencer up here to spew his tired old mantra to every question asked ("I don't know why you're up here-<insert name here>-, SIS investigation. They'll come speak to you soon, Blah Blah") Then I'd be cleared in no time at all. As if.



Okay so after sitting in the Bucket- an 8x12 cell for 11 days of official Limbo, a Lt. Tubbs finally comes up here, pulls us all (one at a time naturally), and interviews us. I came back from said interview and wrote it down.

Here it is in it's entirety:

05-24-09) Last nite I was pulled by Lt. Tubbs and interviewed (questioned). I was rather confused by this for four reasons.

A.) I was convinced that I had been segged by Lt. Daniels, NOT Lt Tubbs, and that it was Daniels' Rodeo. I'd thought this because the SHU Police mentioned that it was just ANOTHER "white boy round up" by Lt. Daniels.

B.) At no point in my 4 years in FCI Big Spring was I aware that Lt. Tubbs was with SIS.

C.) I've never before been "interviewed" on a weekend nite.

D.) The Questions asked of me (there were 3) were- in my opinion- ridiculous and ones he already had answers for, nor were they the type of questions which warranted segregation. SIS could've asked there questions on the yard, and in fact, had done so of convicts Hill and Hodges some 8 hours before hemming me up without segregating them!

Question 1: "There's been four or five people old that they had to check in to the SHU for protective custody because they would no longer be allowed to walk the yard. Do you know about this?

My Answer: I had nothing to do with that shit, man. You guys know it too. Every single cop that works Sunrise Unit knows this, knows that I spend the vast majority of my time on my bunk, either reading or writing. I make the occasional excursions to the Unicor, The Chow Hall or the Weight pile. I've never ever kicked it with any of those Texan/Cracker/Haters, nor do I participate in their politics. Every single SIS officer knows this, man. My file will bear this out.

Question 2: "You say you spend all your time on your bunk: Why is that?"

My Answer: Like I said, I write. I've spent the better part of the last three years writing a book for my daughter. We're now working on getting it published, man, so my kid can get some money, for college or whatever. I wrote the motherfucker by hand. Do you have any idea how hard that was?

Question 3:"So you're saying it's the West Texans who are doing this?"

My Answer: No- that is NOT what I said. I said that I don't kick it with Texan Haters, so I wouldn't know what the fuck was going on, nor would I care. I'm not going to associate with Chesters- I don't have to- but neither am I interested in doing their time. I've got my own god damned time to do and it doesn't include me telling anyone else how to do theirs. I could give a damn about anyone in Texas. I fucking hate it here so much, man.


Okay, since that interview, more shit has happened. First, Lt. Daniels came to my cell door the next day and asked me if Lt. Tubbs has interviewed me. I said yes. He then asked me what Tubbs said. I told him Tubbs didn't say shit, had only asked me questions. I then asked Daniels if this shit was over yet. He said he didn't know, that he'd call Tubbs and find out. I haven't seen nor heard from him since.

Last nite, the 25th, a regular compound LT came and got me out of my cell. He had taken me to a privacy room where we could speak frankly. I'm not going to name this LT because the things he told me were "off the record" so to speak. This particular LT has always ALWAYS shot straight with me and I have a great deal of respect for him, so his anonymity is secure. He does not care if I share our conversation tho'.

It was a 20 minute conversation, so I'm just going to get to the sapient points. The LT. told me I might be here for a long month while I'm investigated bcuz, quote, "One of the inmates who checked in said that you, Katfish, were the one who checked him in."

"What?!", I cried.

The LT held up his hand and said, "I know it's bullshit, Katfish. What I think is he maybe mistook you for another big bald headed white boy. I'm not going to ask you who, you wouldn't tell me anyway and I respect you for that."

"Who is it? Who checked in?", I asked.

"Well, I can't tell you that."

"Listen, Ell Tee: I've been here 4 years man. 4 goddamn years and you guys have never once had any damn trouble out of me. Not a lick. Now you're telling me that all of a sudden, out of the blue and for no reason, I'm just going to rise up, go select some random Chester out of the hundreds here (literally) and run him and only him off the yard, and you guys are going to buy into that shit? Chee-zis! Come on, man- How're you gonna believe this?"

"Hold up now Katfish," the LT said, "I'm not saying I believe it. In fact, I think I know you better than that. But still, SIS is going to have to figure it out."

"Great. Just perfect. So now what?"

"Well, if they end up believing the punk, you could end up with a shot for threatening another inmate (a shot being a disciplinary report)," he said.

"FUCK!", I shouted.

And that's it in a nutshell. Some punk ass Chester probably needed to get off the yard- for whatever reason, be it owing big bucks to some store guy or one of the bookies- and because of my immense size and bearing he thought he could use me as the motivating factor to get off the yard and out from under whatever burden(s) he may have incurred. This "check-in" play is neither unique nor surprising to most the Poe. And it's been made clear to me that the majority of the police here don't believe that punk for even a minute, yet if SIS does and they choose to write me up, then the Punk's name will be revealed to me. There is that.

Here is my position on this: For 4 years I've minded my own fucking business and have eaten a goddamn lot of shit sandwiches because I've been trying desperately to get transferred to Colorado where my daughter is. She was 11 years old the last time I saw her. She's 17 now. Should this shit with this punk be allowed to happen and I receive a shot, 4 years worth of work and model behavior will be for naught and I will never be transferred, and will, in fact, lose every damn thing I've worked so hard for. Like I said, "FUCK!" My little girl, whom isn't little anymore, wrote me and said, "I want to visit you dad- just me and you- I miss you so much."

And now that possibility is slipping away from me thru no fault of my own. Big lesson here for me- "Damned if I do and equally damned if I don't." Meaning it clearly doesn't matter in Texas whether you're a hater or not bcuz the big shot police will seek you out and force you to become involved with politics. I say to the world, "I wish they wouldn't have made me come out of retirement."   




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