Tales From The Cells is the reality inside United States Prisons, both Federal and State. We are involved in advocacy and reform! Redemption and confession with our My Story section and lost, lonely souls with our Pen Pal section. We give prisoners a voice, a platform to tell their story, to offer up their lifestyle inside, and to air problems within the prison walls. This is as close to the inside as you will ever get without actually walking inside the world within a world. Reality at it's finest, Can you handle the Truth?

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FCI Yazoo, Mississippi aka The Zoo

A new prison, and Katfish still bears all.  People are sentenced to prison, that IS the punishment. Neglectful medical care, abuse in all forms from STAFF, lack of basic sanitary items, these things are not what the judge sentenced. Sadly the people strong enough TO speak out, well, "backdoor" punishment is used quite commonly. Katfish brings all to you, sparing no detail. And as his backdoor punishment continues, having to transfer over and over again, farther and farther away from home, he will still bring you the truths that he witnesses. This will bring you within the gates, and you will not only know what is going on, you will ask yourself why....

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