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On Balance, Part III PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Katfish   
Thursday, 31 December 2009 02:30
Next Day. First stop: laundry. Listen- the vast majority of the convicts AND staff herein are black. Period. But they're way different than what I'm used to. The phrases, “Pardon me”, “Excuse me”, and “Sorry 'bout that”, are exchanged dozens and dozens of times each day. It's like I woke up on a different fucking planet, man. I have never in my life met nor been amongst this many Blacks before. It is literally 85 to 15. And the guys I have contact with are super polite. NOT every single one of them, no. But neither are the Whites, Indians, Hispanics or Orientals. I'm just saying; this is a new experience for me.

After I was issued laundry I took my grocery list to Commissary; also a pleasant surprise compared to Big Dump, Texas. The Black lady at the commissary window insisted that I had forgotten to order ice cream and she wanted to know what flavor I wanted. I was finally able to convince her that I didn't want any ice cream. She next explained to me the items I could use to substitute for items I'd ordered which the Commissary was momentarily out of. She even made me sit down and try on the sneakers I'd ordered. She was unbelievably helpful.

“Man”, I said. “You guys are SO nice.”

“Where'd you come from, honey?”, she asked.

“Big Spring, Texico.”

“Oh sure. Heard a lot of bad things about that place. We don't do it like that here”, she remarked.



Fuck no they don't do it like that here. Those punks at commissary in Big Dump would hardly speak to you. Zero substitutions. And if you ever ordered ice cream and forgot to list what flavor, OR that particular flavor was sold out, hard fucking cheese. There was this little Hispanic guard at Commissary in Big Dump, a youngster with jug ears that stuck out as far as Price Charles's do. He had the Napoleon  Complex. (A LITTLE man in a big man's world) He hated Whites- at at least me. He hated me. Whenever I'd end up at his Commissary window, he's scan, like, my bag of cookies or maybe Nacho chips, then he's backhand flip them extra hard against the steel bar next to the pass-thru window trying to bust up my items. I forget his name or it would be here. But it was a punk ass thing to do. Totally.
On balance, it's way better in Mississippi.

Stay Tuned for the final part of "On Balance"media
(Note of special interest to all TFTC Viewers: It's Thanksgiving morning and I received an e-mail a minute ago wherein I just learned that TFTC has been designated a “Media Outlet.” Means I have garnered enough public attention that TFTC is basically bringing you news from within the Bureau of Prisons. Squashing me or suppressing my words is now equivalent to censoring any newspaper. How 'bout that?)

am10Just a brief note to let ya'll know what is happening with Katfish. I know very little, but the information I do have I will continue to share with all of you. It's important that we all stay informed. Why? The more people who understand how things work, the quicker a change will come about! I've heard that he will be released back to the Yard within a couple days. Immediately (well within about 3 hours) when I got word of Fish being taken to the hole, my source also was taken to the hole. Now if that isn't a sign of some kind of guilt, I don't know what is. I just hope that all our friends and family stay safe. They deserve to have a voice, the judge did not take that right from them. The judge sentenced them to prison. He did not sentence them to a several year span of punishment decided upon by the COs of the day, and that all depending on them getting laid the night before? *sighs* Oh no no no, that will just not do. Keep reading people, we need you!

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