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Written by Katfish   
Tuesday, 05 January 2010 00:40




Within my first week here (maybe even 2 weeks), I had my first team meeting. This is where I finally meet the set of BOP employees who are assigned to work with me during my stay in Yazoo. A team- MY team- consists of my Counselor, Mister Varnado, and my Case manager, Ms. Pittman. Defined: Counselors are responsible for things concerning me INSIDE the fence; eg, programing, jobs, education, ect. Case managers are responsible for things concerning me OUTSIDE the fence; eg, region, transfers, wants and warrants, etc. That's simplifying their job descriptions, yet I have the essentials correct. Counselors wear BOP uniforms while Case managers sport street attire. Both members of my team are Black. Natch.



I admit that I went in there with an attitude of preconceived notions. This was based on the way the staff at Big Dump (FCI Big Spring) had lied, falsified and even forged government documents in order to retaliate for the truths I had written in blogs RE the day to day  boolshit a convict is forced to face by oligarchy that oversees Big Dump. They deliberately falsified paperwork in order to fuck me out of a closer to home transfer AFTER they discovered the blogs wherein I revealed their unethical conduct and irrational behavior. I even now possess a copy of said “Request for Transfer.” I'm referring to the unprincipled conduct of  the staff at FCI Big Spring, SIS Lieutenant Daniels, Unit Manager Jacobson and case manager Willoughby . (Note: A private Attorney in Denver now has in his possession every document falsified by Big Dump staff as well as numerous articles I discovered in the 8th Edition of the Constitutional Rights of Prisoners, which clearly indicates that their actions were illegal in nature. I'd like to assure them that I have NOT forgotten them and never will, knowing that the law is fully on my side in this)



In any case, Ms. Pittman copied my complaints RE Big Dump (aka Big Spring, Texas) and entered them into my file. She then returned my attitude with one of her own stating that I should NOT be angry with either Mr. Varnado or her because they were not the ones who had done me unjustly. Naturally she was correct. I stepped down and apologized. Ms. Pittman then informed me that I'd have to go at least 6 months (til the next team meeting in March) before she could review my points. I remain undecided about Ms. Pittman, choosing to ignore the other convicts' less than kind opinion of her and her administration abilities. The same convicts tell me Mr. Varnado is worthless and an accomplished liar. But you see, I can't tell that that's true. The man has been 100% honest and kind to me. Seems as if he takes his job seriously. In my opinion he's a pretty good dude. Additionally, this is an enormous dude. I mean huge.




I continue to watch and learn, listen and remember. Hopefully neither Ms. Pittman nor Mr. V will devolve into liars. All I ever ask for is the truth. Don't give a fuck if it's ugly or brutal, as long as it's the truth.



So yeah- even tho' the Yazoo blogs, one thru three, reflect both prejudicial favoritism on the part of some of the guards AND deliberate indifference on the part of the medical staff, on balance, my Yazoo experience has thus far been fairly positive. I mean really. It's way better in Mississippi compared to Texas. Still, there's this factory manager over at UNICOR, a Black fella named Mr. Escher. I'm beginning to hear how he's screwing convicts out of their prison grade wages. I think I'll look into that next...






Peace Out...




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Sativa   |208.66.189.xxx |2010-01-11 23:23:26
Glad things seem better...
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