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Written by Katfish   
Thursday, 06 May 2010 23:23

This is more commonly called "FOIA." (rhymes with goya) This FOIA is an office in the DOJ in Washington D.C. When I first arrived in Yazoo, I asked to see my file. My case manager naturally refused. She said I have to file a request with FOIA if I really wanted to see what the liars from Big Dump had entered. So I did just that. And after, like, four months the FOIA sub-office in Edgefield, South Carolina mailed me 19 pages. The bad news (dealing with the feds always has a downside of course) is that of those 19 pages, 12 were completely blacked out and stamped "FOIA Exempt.” In any case FOIA did send me a two page memo from the SIS to all the wardens, big and small, in Yazoo City, concerning my current situation. Therefore for your consideration. I now present the memo in its entirety.

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Okay. If you're like me you noted the black bar on page one under the "inmate data" paragraph. This black bar has the hieroglyphs "(b) (7) e and (b) (7) f" stamped across it. Here, then, is the translation: b7e reads- "provides for law enforcement purpose which could reasonably be expected to endanger the life or physical safety of another individual."

Whoa. Trip on that.  My way of interpreting that is the law dogs have something on me they do NOT want me to know about because somebody else's life would be in danger. Let me put it this way: Whatever is under that bar is info that only certain people would know about me. Therefore the Feds believe that if I could see what's hidden under that bar, I'd probably know who said it. For serious, dude. There could be anything under there. Fuck em’. It's really only a curiosity at this because it wouldn't matter if it said I ate babies or did strange things to my dog with a fork. Moreover, the date on this document is 12-30-09. My only SIS interview was on 02-11-10. That implication is self evident. Okay next page....


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Inmate Statement:  That is what I said on 2-11-10.

Comments/Conclusions : In the first place, this reads as if a second grader wrote it. The parts I underlined are....well, weird. It's my own opinion that in that underlined part the first and second sentences are transposed. It should read. “It is also believed that if returned to general population, staff and inmate safety could be jeopardized due to his posting of negative and sometimes offensive information about several staff here in Yazoo City by way of his wife and the internet." Makes a helluva lot more sense that way, doesn't it? So anyway, I believe this memo/document fully supports blogs, "Catching Chain" and “Rules or Rights." The Senior Officers know the staff members named in my blogs are capable of retaliation. (DUH!)

Of passing interest is the two register numbers. Only one is mine. Whose is the other I wonder? I can and will find out, natch. Here's something else to think about: Note the use of the phrase, “The orderly running of the institution." Sounds like the author of the memo views C.O. Craig's and C.O. Bender's openly hostile racial discriminations as "the orderly running of the institution." Think about that. I sure have.

Okay, a couple more observations: At NO point does this document deny the truths in any of my Yazoo blogs. Good. There is one questionable point though: On the first page, under “incident summary," The last sentence reads. "Staff received information that Harris was conducting illegal activities through the mail and posting it on an internet website."

This is full blown falsehood. The Yazoo big shots are being deliberately disingenuous in an effort to cover their assess arrived here, in the FCC Yazoo City Prison on 08-31-09. Within one hour of my arrival it was firmly established that I was a contributor to TFTC. That I wrote blogs that reflected on the everyday trials and tribulations of men held hostage in BOP. This information was already inside my voluminous file. Entered there by the Texican Robots in Big Dump. Therefore Yazoo staff were completely aware of my relationship with TFTC and they viewed it on a regular basis! The site meter 100% confirms this. So why would they contrive “illegal activities” and/or “threats” when they had already read everything I’d ever written. They knew good and damned well beforehand that there were neither “illegal activities” nor “threats” therein! I’ll tell you why: those not so sneaky fuckers are trying to justify segregating me for posting truths, for exercising my First Amendment rights. My blogs are true and this document proves it. The Yazoo Big Shots are conducting a Chinese fire drill in a losing effort to cover their asses.

Hey I want you all to know that Nixie mailed me the brand new 9thg edition of “Constitutional Rights Of Prisoners.” Will the Poe let me have it or not? There’s nothing the BOP hates more than a convict with knowledge.  ((IT MADE IT IN W/O INCIDENT!!! YAHOOOO!)) Now, if I could just see what’s under ALL those blacked out places in the FOIA packet……    

Ever on!

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