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Written by Katfish   
Saturday, 29 May 2010 01:13



There are a lot of folks I need to thank. Now's as good a time as any. First and foremost, I want to express my deepest gratitude to the staff at T.F.T.C., and especially to Nikita, for furnishing me with the 9th edition of "Constitutional Rights of Prisoners." I'm amazed that the courts actually had to convene and re-convene over the last 50 years in order to come down on prison officials who continue to try and get away with doing some of the most outrageous shit to convicts. I love this book. Every day I learn a little bit more from it.


I'd like to thank the following correctional officers (C.O’s) for simply doing their jobs without power tripping and without stereotypical prejudice. In no particular order "thank yous” are dispensed to:



C.O.’s Tyler and Spearman for feeding me and for not being stingy with the coffee.
Thanks to C.O. Coleman who passes out razors. Thanks for not causing me any grief and busting those razors open so I could use the blade to sharpen the golf pencils I had to write letters, blogs and legal briefs with. Never an easy feat to begin with, yet even more difficult with golf pencils.


Thanks to C.O.’s Moore, Eschew and Ivory who also fed me and gave me what little mail the fuckers in the mail room didn't throw in the trash. Additional thanks to C.O. Jones who covered for everybody on vacation. A damn good youngster, that Kat.


A general thank you to all the SHU Poe who gave me flood blankets that I pressed against the walls to help stem the continuous seepage. I also appreciate all the good natured hard times we exchanged. Rock on.



Thanks to R.N. Ratliff. He was the only one at Medical who ever gave a damn. Ratliff also made sure that I got a second round of antibiotics when yet another bout of staph began in my opposite armpit (where does this shit keep coming from?) Because of Ratliff there were zero complications this time. Outta sight.


Thanks to Skipper Scott who came to my cell door here in the bucket. Looked over my "rejection notice" for Administrative Remedy, then explained to me how "misleading" it was while also letting me see in her eyes of resignation, that she too saw it as a deliberate "time expired" trick. The entire 5 minute conversation was enlightening as hell.


Thanks to Captain Dawson for always shooting straight with all of us Convicts. I thanked her personally for this; she responded by saying, "I always shoot straight with you men. It's the only sure way to win your respect." True that.


I especially want to thank all the Yazoo City guards who, over the course of the last 6 months (both in and out of SHU) filled me in on C.O. Craig’s extensive history of erratic behavior. As promised, all of your identities will forever remain confidential.



Here's a shout out to C.O. Bender: I hardly knew yuh. Lucky for you because what little that had been brought to my attention (thus brought to public's attention as well as legal teams) revealed a blatant 14 Amendment Rights Violations perpetrated by thee. Somebody, not me, will examine your motivations and prejudices. Count on it.



Look, this is the second Federal Prison I've been in where I discovered Black Guards ( only a couple, mind you) power tripping on white convicts. The White Convicts say it's because I'm in the south, baby..... that I better get used to it. Because it's the Black Poe getting even with Whitey for that whole slavery thing they've been taking out on White Convicts for years.


Not on me they won’t. Extra fuck that noise. Let me make something perfectly clear to one and all. I have never known a slave, nor have I ever known anyone who had a slave. Just because I'm whiter than a blizzard does not make me responsible for 150 year old slavery issues. No more than having German blood in my veins makes me responsible for the goddamned Holocaust! Am I coming through loud and clear here?


Here is a reality check for Bender and Craig: Tens of thousands of Yankees died while enforcing the Emancipation Proclamation. My ancestors were killed while fighting to set yours free. My home is the Rocky Mountains. I am a Yankee. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.


Be it known that I do not go looking for the kind of trouble I'm in now because of people who should have never been guards to begin with. I'm not on some fucking crusade here. However, I promise you that when this kind of crap is aimed at me, or if it's brought to my attention that it's happening to a fellow convict; I will confront it head on. I'm stupid like that. Believe me, there's enough goddamned racial hatred between Convicts as is. I don't want to have to keep looking over my shoulder because I need to worry about certain Guards freaking out on me too. Who can blame me? Nor do I want BOP big shots messing with me because I write out real life prison issues. Get off and stay off of my Amendment Rights. The Constitution backs me up on this 100%. All of our rights are our rights alike.


I've got to ask...we've ALL got to ask: WHY is the DOJ/BOP so uptight about the public knowing- I mean REALLY knowing- what goes on inside the Federal Prison System? Think about that.


Does anybody know who Jack Kerovac is? Check this quote out.

"The American police are involved in psychological warfare against those Americans who don't frighten them with imposing papers and threats. There's no defense. Poor people have to expect to have their lives interfered with ad infintium by these neurotic busy bodies. It's a Victorian police force; it peers out of musty windows and wants to inquire about everything, and can make crimes if the crimes don't exist to their satisfaction."   

Jack Kerovac-1949
”On the Road"


True in 1949. True in 2010. Peace, respect, and gratitude to those in FCC Yaz that have it coming. A popped up middle finger to those who don't.
I'm so outta here.......



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