Tales From The Cells is the reality inside United States Prisons, both Federal and State. We are involved in advocacy and reform! Redemption and confession with our My Story section and lost, lonely souls with our Pen Pal section. We give prisoners a voice, a platform to tell their story, to offer up their lifestyle inside, and to air problems within the prison walls. This is as close to the inside as you will ever get without actually walking inside the world within a world. Reality at it's finest, Can you handle the Truth?

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New prison, new happenings. Do you suppose this Federal Prison will be the one to stand out and follow it's own policy and procedure? Read on my friends, read on....

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1 Addendum To "Overcrowding and Caught Slippn Nikita 5862
2 Overcrowding Katfish 3012
3 Caught Slipping Katfish 3536
4 b-17-1 Ardo 732
5 b-17 Ardo 554
6 b-16 Ardo 590
7 b-13 Ardo 235
8 b-12 Ardo 202
9 b-11 Ardo 275
10 b-10 Ardo 210
11 b-8 Ardo 199
12 b-7 Ardo 179
13 SMU-The Black Hole of Prison Katfish 10563
14 b-5 Ardo 201
15 b-4 Ardo 201
16 b-3 Ardo 206
17 b-2 Ardo 213
18 First Impressions Of FCC Oakdale Katfish 3446
19 Sensitive BP-11 Katfish 13942