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Written by Katfish   
Tuesday, 05 April 2011 13:11



"There is a guard here, in FCC Oakdale. Her name is Brittany Brady. Most of my fellow convicts refer to her as "Skinny Minnie". She's in her mid-twenties, something like 5'4" more or less. Brady is a Karen Carpenter anorexic. She's a very weird looking female with a rather fat face. I call her "Freak Show". Brady worked in my Unit on Friday night, February 25th, 2011. For whatever reason she searched my locker and my locker alone. She confiscated my glue. I asked Brady later, outside, and asked for my glue back. After convincing her that I had not been "huffing" said glue, she agreed to return it to me, provided I could show her an example of the greeting cards I claimed I manufactured using the glue. (Who huffs Elmers flue in the first place, for Christ's sake? That suspicion on her part right there should've clued me in that her Happy Meal was lacking a few Mc Nuggets- I mean above and beyond being clearly anorexic is what I'm talking about.)

Ten minutes later I walked into the office where Brady was assigned. She was seated behind the desk which faces the doorway................................."



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