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Written by Katfish   
Thursday, 07 April 2011 15:06



We’re back yet again folks. We have a nice long stretch of material going out to you now, so we’ll be here, will you? Of course you will! We’d like to give great thanks to Senator Mike Flood for stopping in. Political influence seems to be what catches the Big Suits attention. It’s sad that the system they have in place no longer works to remedy bad situations, in that same regard it’s sad that the hiring process of Correctional Officers has drastically increased in rule breakers/punishment enforcers or perhaps we finally have a truth seeker willingly to tell you what's up. Prison IS the punishment folks, let’s remember that. The Judge did not bang his gavel and say, “No medical care that will actually help you, No amount of space to sleep or simply interact, No toilet time because there are just too many people and on and on…” Being away from family, loved ones, society, being taken away is the punishment, I can not enforce that to you enough. It is not the Correctional Officers, Lieutenants, or Wardens job to impart more punishment or create a living situation that is so volatile a violent fight will occur. It is their job to make sure the prison runs smoothly and that people do the paper work process that volatile situations are avoided. It’s not a daycare ladies and gentlemen, however, they should be allowed time to use the bathroom, to clean up, to have the little space their rule book allows. It’s the CO’s that delay or make the paper work disappear that is impart to messing up the entire world within a world. Take the time to read this one, I think even you dear reader, will be surprised to know what is happening inside.

Be Good and Be Well Dear Readers....Nikita~~


“Ah yes, the bad word, the concept word, the word that pretty much sums up all of Amerika’s Prison and Jailhouse problems. Well, here we are again, me w/my pencil in hand, blowing the whistle on the FEDS, D’Ya see, and this time it’s like thus: There are a couple of units here, in the Federal Correctional Complex in Oakdale, Louisiana (FCC OAK), where the FEDS are forcing 6 convicts to live in rooms designed to house only two. There are several of us who have written formal complaints (BP-8’s). Naturally we expect to be retaliated against; it’s the BOP way for handling legitimate objections from convicts: “Wanna cry? See how you like living in the Hole.” In any event, this unit, Allen 2, which also just happens to be the unit I’m currently housed in, was originally built to house 44 convicts. But now, when all is said and done, Allen 2 will house between 236 and 242 convicts (I say “between” because nobody seems to know if the Pigs are done moving extra bunk beds in or not)……………………


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