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Written by Nikita   
Sunday, 24 April 2011 23:43



ADDENDUM TO THE BLOG, "Overcrowding".......................................

i made a slight mistake when i wrote this one. i wrote that allen two was initially designed to house 44 convicts. what i meant to write is that there are 44 cells in allen two originally designed to house 88 convicts. sorry about that. i don't usually make mistakes like that. additionally: i referred to counselor Bryant and acting unit manager Cameron as "puppets". this was not to be construed as a slur. it meant (and still means) that they are simply sent into our units to have town halls BY THE FCC OAK BIGSHOTS. they are simply doing what they're told. quite frankly, they both expressed a measured level of distaste when they explained that the forced overcrowding was going to take place , NO MATTER WHAT. in fact, Cameron said, "For the first time ever i agree w/ you guys. nor do i want an additional 18 convicts added to my already inflated caseload." this isn't an actual quote, but it reflects the words she DID say w/ a fair amount of accuracy. for the record, counselor Bryant and unit manager Cameron are both pretty laid back and do a difficult job daily. their caseloads ARE inflated and now it's going to go even higher. all because the fcc oak bigshots thinks it's better inre the budget they'll likely be allocated. but that's only my opinion, and i AM entitled to it....

ADDENDUM TO THE BLOG "Caught Slippin' ".................

first, it should be understood that when i wrote that blog, i was super pissed. the photos of my daughter, over 700 pages of the book i've spent the last 5 years handwriting, and a shitload of legal work and texts had been "vanished" while in the care of the poe. but that should not excuse my manners. i try to be polite at all times.  thus this is an apology of sorts.

first, i have found out w/o a doubt that Brady is not responsible for the missing property. i have since discovered that even tho' she shirked her duty by NOT inventorying nor securing my property when i was taken to the hole, said property was inventoried at the hole. the paperwork i have clearly shows that the "missing" property was in the hole. why it's no longer there is a mystery. Lt Childress called me over to the Lt's office on the 17th of april, 2011, and he explained to me that he is yet looking for it. BIG props to Lt Childress. he'll look while all the other poe simply shrugged their shoulders unconcernedly and told me to file for "hush money" (tort claim), the warden inclusive. i admit that i made a mistake when i assumed brady had intentionally lost my shit. now i wonder if she'll EVER admit to her mistake about her silly eyeglasses......

Ever On....Katfish



(These were received last week and unfortunatly we perhaps put them up a day late and dollar short. See the notice below.)


We’ve recently been made aware of Katfish’s return to the Hole. Only this is like the super hole, aka SMU. Mysterious circumstances. Tales is going to do a little bit more investigating today and we will have a report for you Tuesday. Until that time, please keep him in your thoughts as he is most definitely suffering for utilizing his First Amendment Right.  Tales welcomes any rebuttals from any and all who wish to make themselves heard. If you need a S.A.S.E. please let us know.

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