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Written by Katfish   
Tuesday, 29 March 2011 09:19

It’s time to let our readers know what has been going on. Where is Katfish at? April 23, 2011 he was called to the Lieutenant’s Office. It was about 7:30pm and he was asleep. The events that transpired after this are certainly a mystery that we here at Tales have been trying to figure out, as well as his wife. After being informed by a anonymous source that her husband was in the hole, Mrs. Fish called up to FCC Oakdale. It’s difficult to describe her anguish at this, never knowing exactly what is happening with her husband, left in a tailspin until she can talk to him. This time it’s very different though. Frighteningly different. The switchboard operator confirmed he was taken to the Hole, that he was safe and unharmed to Mrs. Fish. Approximately a half an hour later Mr. Katfish called his Mrs. He described what I’ve explained above, and then began to describe where he was and the journey there. He was photographed, his hands, his head. He told the Mrs that he was taken to SMU, not SHU. The difference is explained in the following blog. Once showered in, Correctional Officer Brady was there. You all remember her right? Pink Glasses Lady is how we refer to her here in the office. She is the one that wrote a shot for the mistake of him picking up and wearing her glasses. We’d still like to know what her prescription is for those glasses. After realizing the mistake, he took them off, and apologized. Yes folks, apologized. Did not matter at this point, she was out for blood and she aims to get it we believe.


Alright, to the here and now. Correctional Officer Brady was in charge of the SHU/SMU we believe.No official will confirm or deny that. So was Katfish brought over because of her? The cell he was in at the time of that phone call was exactly as described in the below blog. Fast forward a half an hour after that phone call. Mrs. Fish called her sister, who promptly called the switchboard to find out what was going on for herself. The switchboard told her that her information was incorrect, he was fine and on the yard. Where was she getting her information. Why Mrs. Fish of course! Now if that doesn’t make ya go huh?, keep on reading. The two ladies talked about what to do next. It was decided that the Big Suits needed to be notified. A half an hour after THAT phone call, an “Unknown Caller” came through to Mrs. Fish, which is how phone calls from an institution come through on a caller id. Of course she answered. Much to her surprise it was an unrecognizable Southern female voice. “Leave it alone or things COULD happen.”CLICK! Panic. Fear. Her husband is in a box completely controlled,(temp, light, sense of time, everything) and at the mercy of the one person who is furious with him? That leaves the mind wide open. His poor wife was a wreck the rest of the night. After that she got angry and started making phone calls. Calls to anyone and everyone who would listen to her. She has not yet talked with her husband again, but if the rules are followed, he should have another call on Sunday. Since that Sunday Mrs. Fish has been assured by the unit counselor that he is fine and nothing bad will happen to him that he is in SHU, not SMU. Who are we to believe? This unit counselor has always shot straight, and followed the rules and yes, I believe it says in the computer system there he is in SHU, but he was in SMU or is still there and an error has been made in the computer. It’s 3 letters. Easy to confuse. And at this point the counselor had not physically seen him in either SHU or SMU. He had not made his rounds. So we want to know, where is Katfish? Who made that phone call? And for the love of God, why is he not in the district region he is supposed to be in. Colorado is home folks. So that would put him in the Northeastern Region. He’s way down South, and I think the ‘gaters are hungry. Let’s hope they don’t care for Katfish huh?

Stay tuned, and read on. Leave your thoughts, all are appreciated and acknowledged. Also we'd like to thank all of our NEW readers coming in from Twitter. That is an amazing way to read people,   ~Tales From The Cells~

Pronounced, “The S-MOO”, an acronym for “Special Management Unit.” The S.M.U. The SMU is basically one step before the ADX (aka “The Supermax”) located in Florence, Colorado. Nearly everyone in Amerika has heard of ADX, mostly because it’s where the BOP keeps/kept convicts such as Kacyzinski(Unabomber), Nichols (OKC Bombing), the 1993 Twin Towers Bomber, Silverstein (going on 30 years in segregation), and the late John Gotti. Yet hardly anyone has even heard of Oakdale, Louisiana’s SMU. Essentially: SMU is reserved for the worst of the worst.

(this is a long blog, but considering the current circumstances, we believe it should be posted in full. please take the time to read it. and keep Katfish and his family in your thoughts!)





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