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Written by Katfish   
Saturday, 04 April 2009 22:29

Please Read Part 1 of this blog, the entire piece is worth your time, and Tales From The Cells endorses these tips 150%! 


ree.gif - 10.80 KbForth: This falls under the lies category. Make sure you realize the convict’s true out date. A lot of these fellas will boolshit you into believing they’re raising up out of prison soon, that they think you and they should hook up so he can come be with you and only you, Blah blah! There is a web site the Feds put up. I don’t know the address, but Nikita will post it. This web site will provide you with his genuine release date. Always get that straight. www.bop.gov


ree.gif - 10.80 KbFifth: This one is a biggy: MONEY. Believe me when I tell you that at least half of all convict ads are placed to obtain a “sugar momma” to send bucks. Hell, I too could use a few extra bucks now and then. No lie there. But I’m a non-greedy cheap date too. But this isn’t about me at all, I’m not interested, my ad has been removed. It’s about giving those few genuinely good hearted women out there who browse these prison pen pal web sites a heads up. I’d suggest that you mislead the convict by claiming poverty or that you’re unemployed and on a fixed income and you’ll never be able to send money. Trust me that will always immediately weed out the money grubbers. Phone call money? Ask yourself this: Where’d he get the money to run the ad? He’s got $3.50 for a 15 minute call. Believe that.

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ree.gif - 10.80 KbSixth: Calling it as I see it (my prison resume reads, “5 time loser, over 20 years in on the installment plan”- you might say I know a little something about convicts). Every single black convict I know sees himself as a “Player”, A “Pimp”, and a “Rapper”, or better still, “Mack Daddy Pimp Snoop Doggy Player Viral Bag Dog Bow Wow”. Yeppers. These kats, 98% of them are absolutely after your bucks baby. They spend their every waking moment discussing way to separate you from your hard earned dough; “My momma used to send me $20 every now and then, but she in da hospital now with Bumpa Lumpa Lyetis”. Or; “My sister was sending money, but she dead now..” or the best; “I have me a lil’ ol’ orderly job what pays but $5.00 a month. They got me in school trying to earn my DEG, EDG, or something…” These are the same damn Kats I see day in and day out gathered round the poker tables w/90 books (1 book is 20 stamps) in the kitty, or running jailhouse stores, or moving tobacco (a pouch of tobacco, equivalent to one pack of cigarettes goes for up to $110.00). Dorm living provides me with ample eavesdropping opportunities, shit you not girls.



Okay ladies…I strongly urge caution on your parts. There are diamonds in the rough out there on these sites. And you will find them. Use your heads and not your hearts because quite frankly women ARE smarter than men, but that’s only if a woman can reason without letting her heart become involved. Save yourself a lot of emotional problems ladies, nothing is worse feeling than heartbreak, it costs so much. On the other hand, caution is free…



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