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Written by Katfish   
Thursday, 23 April 2009 01:30

This was one of our pieces that is a great, feel good read! Believe me when I say that we are working on the next blog to tell you what has happened to Katfish. First he is talked about like he is an imaginary friend, as if he never did walk the yard, to family and friends and even people on the yard. Then POW, a fire shot, and truths are slowly leaking out. It is my firm belief that threats were made directly against Katfish in order to keep him from blogging. Please stay tuned and read up on FCC Oakdale to find out what has been happening. We send him love and peace as this is a time of quiet solitude. It's the waiting game. Comparable to the game Chess, only with really people. How discustingly cool is that BLEH! Enjoy the read, send your thoughts and prayers out, and please, by all means, leave your thoughts here!!


Be Good and Be Well....Nikita



Frankly, the myriad of questions about convicts is amazingly varied. So I’m going to

concentrate on the top three. Naturally I’d have no idea what those top three questions

would be, so using a highly scientific system to narrow it down (paper, rock, scissors),

I will do my very level best to enlighten you all.






ball1.gif - 1.98 KbQuestion One: “Why are you in prison?”




arrow1.gif - 1.92 KbAnswer: Because I got caught. (DUH)








ball1.gif - 1.98 KbQuestion Two: “When you raise, will you go back to your old life, your old ways?”







arrow1.gif - 1.92 KbAnswer: This is a tricky one. Most convicts like to play the self-deceiving, “I’m never

going to do (whatever) again. I’ve learned my lesson.” Really? The majority of convicts

around me are here AGAIN: it’s not their first rodeo, man. Nor, truth honest told will it

be their last. There’s something fundamentally lacking inside each of us. Mostly it’s a lack

of fear. Prison (State or Federal) no longer hold any sway because we’ve been here. We

have friends here. Every time I’ve been sent back to prison, it’s old home week, fer Christ’s

sake. If my homies had a fattened calf, they’d slaughter it, have the proverbial feast. Plenty

of prison punks would do the dancing girl thing. Rooty Toot. So lack of fear means we will

likely, highly likely, return to our old ways. Caution is stronger; an awareness of who’s in

the room that is a potential snitch; a gun; (only to true- see The K-Papers in my book). These

are only a few of the things we add to the old lifestyle. But said old lifestyle? Big appeal, baby,

-we’d’ve never been in it to begin with if we didn’t love it in the first place.



ball1.gif - 1.98 KbQuestion Three: “So there’s no hope of reformation for ex cons?”






arrow1.gif - 1.92 KbAnswer: Of course there is hope. Let’s not be negative. The number one key is a good

woman. A lot of convicts will want to debate this with me. They’ll say their kids are the key.

I always respond to that with a snort of disbelief. “Your kids were there all along, Lick-knob,”

I say, “They didn’t count then in your grand designs. Suddenly they do?”

“I’m just saying I’ve changed,” is the response- uhh hunh – they’ve played the “I’ve changed”

card. Play that drag somewhere else because this venue is a boolshit free zone…..mostly.




The fuck was I?

Oh yeah!

The very best way to keep a convict from going back is a good woman.

And not some easy push-over wench either. By “good woman” I mean a tuff, wise, no nonsense

female. Believe me; we have no desire to return to prison. I’d rather be on the bricks with a

woman my equal.Naturally this could be very difficult to define, so let me simplify- Tell us what

to do! Women can be bossy (in the bedroom is particularly excellent). Again, you’re smarter

than us: Point out the moment we begin to cross the line back into “fucking up”. And never

be afraid to tell him, “Get out or get right.”



Ladies- there are most certainly guys out there who are never coming back. And the vast

majority of them owe their success to you. Women make ALL the difference. If I believed in

invisible Gods, I’d bless you. Thank you for being women- the very most interesting creatures

on the planet Earth….



Do you have questions? Please register and ask away! Katfish will

answer all questions posed about this topic, and Nic will throw in her

two cents as well. You guys are visiting, all ya gotta do is sign up...

Come out Come out where ever you are!!

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