Tales From The Cells is the reality inside United States Prisons, both Federal and State. We are involved in advocacy and reform! Redemption and confession with our My Story section and lost, lonely souls with our Pen Pal section. We give prisoners a voice, a platform to tell their story, to offer up their lifestyle inside, and to air problems within the prison walls. This is as close to the inside as you will ever get without actually walking inside the world within a world. Reality at it's finest, Can you handle the Truth?

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Thursday, 23 April 2009 02:48


Thank you for your Interest helping us out by linking back to us.

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Can you Handle a Day in my Shoes?? Can you Handle the Truth....


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Crystal Brown   |98.197.232.xxx |2009-05-19 23:35:42
Hello, Iam Crystal Brown,founder of Great Minds Pr oductions,Inc. Per your respo
ndence (RE:Mr.Harris, Big Springs,FCI).Respectfully,Mr.Harris'name was indeed
chosen by my company,randomly.Suffice it to say, Mr.Harris' information is that
of public dom ain. Prior to receiving said missive from your com pany I had no
knowledge of your existence.I have m inimally viewed your sight. Job well done!H
owever, I have no desire to purchase any rights to any ma terials,from your com
pany-past,current or otherwis e. Best of luck to you with all your future endeav
Sincerest Regards,
Crystal Brown
Great Min ds Productions
https://me.yahoo.com/a/D5hyd9833Z1CjHkRrjp1MvZfJryZT.WI.V9RsQ--  - I need all of your help...please   |Registered |2010-04-14 05:23:44
Hi..my name is Angie. My baby daddy was in FCI big springs and got staph infect
ion and died in the h ospital. I don't get a long with his family so I w as not
aware of the events when they were happenin g. I need ANYONE who knows ANYTHING
about Matthew Fernandez to please contact me. My son needs an ex planation as t
o why his dad is never coming home, and honestly I never got to say goodbye. I
thought he'd be around for me to blame my problems on for years to come. I don
't care how you contact me... be it email(angiekk1975@yahoo.com) or even tel
ephone 214-234-6133...any info is better than me n ot knowing how his life ende
d...even if its bad I need to know...PLEASE!!! Matthew Jon Fernandez
he died
12/03/2008....please help me.
Walter Glenn  - Constitutional Rights   |68.109.26.xxx |2011-02-22 07:33:03

Fifth Amendment Rights o n Self Incrimination

How m
any times have you he ard “If he didn’t do anything, then he’s got nothi ng to h
ide!” or “She’s ‘taking the fifth’ so she m ust be guilty.” Each time I hear sta
tements like t hese I cringe, and we appear to be bombarded with this nonsense
on a regular basis from as far away as Hollywood, to as close as a local radio
talk sh ow program, its host, regular callers and those pe sky yet loyal FTLT’er
s. The reality is, the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution may we
ll be the most powerful defense a person has avail able and there is absolutely
no shame in flexing t hat muscle.

Our Fifth Amendment, along with nin e othe
r amendments, collectively, the Bill of Righ ts was ratified on December 15, 179
1. Its roots ru n deep, finding connections with the Magna Carter, signed in 12

Specifically with regard to o ur right to k...
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