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Written by Nikita   
Saturday, 21 November 2009 01:49


Hello, my name is Chris Lance and this is “My Story”.

The story of my crime. We have to go back 19 years to when I was 11(19 years back from my crime in 2000). Or even before that. My parents were hippies and drug users. I was born 2 months premature on the floor of our farm in Salem, Oregon. This was 1970 and my mom had just injected 30cc of liquid morphine. I grew up in a good home with parents who loved me. They did their best but we all make bad choices sometimes in life.

Anyway when I was 11 years old a friend of my parents used to babysit me. He was my dads age and seemed like a nice guy. He always had the latest, newest video games. And he grew marijuana. Kids love that stuff. So all the neighborhood kids would go to his house for fun.

One night I went to his house, as it was in walking distance of my mom's house. We got stoned and played video games. I tell him I am tired and I am going home. He says why not just lay down in his bed?. I go to sleep in his bed. I'm only 11 years old and naive. I wake up and he has my penis in his mouth. I run home and never tell anyone in my family about what happened. But I never went to Richards' house again.  

So life goes on and I grow up. I drink and smoke pot. I get married! Our marriage was beautiful for about 3 years, but then I get hooked on meth. We have two boy's and I go through the apprenticeship to be a painter. I become a journeyman painter and keep the same job for over 6 years. My wife and I begin to have problems and she leaves me. I go into a crazy downward spiral of methamphetamine and booze. I lose my job and bounce from house to house for about 3 years.

I finally move in with my step-dad and start to get back on my feet. One day I get up and start drinking and go looking for some meth. I drank 2 quarts of Ice House beer and get on the city bus in Portland, Oregon. I am drinking on the buss and black out. But some how I get off at the right stop in North Portland. I need to page her to get her address. No phones in this neighborhood to call back, so I go into a bar and page her. Before she calls back, I fall off the stool and get thrown out. I remember Richard lives up the street. I wander around those city blocks too drunk to find his house, and finally I find it. ( I am almost 30 years old now and this is about February of 2000). I knock on his door and ask him if I can use his phone. He says yes. I go in and page her, then I fall asleep- pass out more like it. I wake up with him hovering over me and I look down and see that my pants are unzipped. I snap and loose it and just start beating him. I never punch him in the face, only the ribs and kidneys. I ask him as I beat him, “Does it make you feel good to molest the little boys?” And I slap him so hard blood splatters the wall. Then he kneels over. I think he's knocked out. Blood is coming from his mouth. So now I think this guy deserves to have his stuff taken from him. I don't believe in stealing and have worked all my life for everything I have ever owned. But I steal his video games, stereo, and his pot plants he is growing, then load them into his car. As I was beating him I asked for permission to use his car!!

So I take off in the car and I am so drunk I can barely keep the car on the road. I am  all over 4 lanes of the road in both directions. I some how make it onto the Freeway and it is rush hour! Stop and go traffic. I make my own lane and go as fast as the little hatch back Capri will go! Balls out in the little 4 cylinder between cars that are stopped on the freeway. I take an exit that is a sharp “U” shaped corner and spin out. I slam it in reverse, spin around, and then get on the main road where I proceeded to rear end two cars at a stop light. I tried to go between them at about 40 miles per hour. I hit them so hard they are now spread out far enough for me to drive between! My car is totaled, 3 flat tires, hatch back full of sticky mature pot plants. I remember my friends parents live down around the corner. I drive there. A man is doing yard work and calls the cops on me, but I don't know this at the time. I knock on their door and ask if Raymond is there. They tell me no. I tell them I need to use their phone, I just got ino a car accident. I got in but am too wasted to even remember anyone's phone number! Finally I remember my friend's number and I call him. He says he will come get me but that he will only drive by once and if I miss him, that's it. He has no license. So I leave the house and jog down the street, leavingNicole Kidman By Chris Lance the broken car behind.

While I was in the house a kid walked by and stole the pot plants! (It was in my facts and findings from the guy on the cell phone.) As I job down the street a cop turns onto the street. I just calmly. As jog by him and wave. As soon as he turns the corner I am going through yards and hoping fences. I get caught, hanging upside down on a fence by my hip sack. I can't get loose! I am thinking this is how they will catch me hanging upside down on a fence. I grab the fence and twist my body till the strap breaks and I hit the ground. I go up to the main road, and it's now dusk. I am scared to stand in the open and wait. So I lay down in some ivy, waiting on my friend driving a camero with no muffler, surely I wouldn't miss that. I knew the sound of that car.

As I'm laying there people walk by and ask me if I am okay! I wave them on and tell them I am fine! I hear my friends car and he's in the turn lane going back. I run up to the car and jump in, starling him. We go to his house. I talk the neighbors into driving back to get the pot plants, which we find are gone. Then I eventually ride a cab back to my step dads. I tell him what happened, that I beat this guy up and took his car. I tell some friends too. Then one day two friends and I are watching t.v. . The news is on and showing the house where I beat the guy up. I say, “Hey, that is the house!” Next the T.V. Says ...”man found dead..” That is when I realized he died. And that I've told people I did it. I didn't think he was hurt that bad or I would have called 911 for him.

So I kind of go on the run for two months. Not really hiding, just partying. Numbing my new reality. I don't want to turn myself in but I don't want to hide either. Cops are canvasing neighborhoods of my friends and family looking for me. I am saying with a lady friend almost none of my friends knew of. The one friend that knows her did come looking for me. My face has been on T.V. Morning, noon, and night...”Chris Lance wanted for murder...” Could this even be possible? Perhaps it was a bad batch of meth and I would wake up to my normal shitty life. Nobody hurting except for me. Certainly nobody dead, no blood on my hands. So Jeff shows up and scares Sandy to death, telling her it was only a matter of time before the cops kick her door down and hold a gun to her 9 year old sons' head. Now she is terrified and I tell her not to worry, I would leave.

I have no where to go where the police are not looking for me. So I decide to ride a mountain bike to La Pine, Oregon. 400 miles away! I leave the next morning. I ride 8 hours to the top to Mt. Hood. 4000 feet up in elevation. Now it is dark and snowing. I don't have a light on the bike so I decide I need to wait to ride down the other side so I did not get stopped by the police. I call a friend and tell her where I am, asking her to come and sit with me until morning. I tell her it's cold out and the ground covered in snow. She says okay, and I instruct her on how to get to me. Before she arrives a Sheriff comes up the road towards me. I know he's there for me. He drives past then walks down with his gun drawn, asking if I am Chris Lance. I say yes, and he then tells me to put my hands in the air. I do and he cuffs me, loading me in his car. He also loaded my bike beside me, buckling it in. I go down town to the Portland Police Station, and made the mistake of talking to the detectives with out a lawyer. I felt I had nothing to hide and I have always been a very honest person. I had not lied about the events to anyone I had talked to. I am a very honest person, honest and so naive. At least I was at that time regarding the law and how it works.


Wizard of Oz by Chris Lance

I am booked in the county jail, staying 6 months awaiting trial. My lawyer scares me into taking a deal by saying that I am looking at 25 to 35 years if I do go to trial and things go bad. He tells me all it takes is one juror who goes against me. So they offer me 160 months and 120 for manslaughter and menacing. 40 months consecutive for the Burglary II. I take the deal and go to prison. I've been down now for 112 months.

I have come to believe in God. That was in the first few months in county jail. I go to church and do bible studies. I love art work and have become a very good artist over the years. I plan on becoming a tattoo artist when I get out. I will go to a design college in Portland, Oregon when I get out. During my time, I have not been in any fights nor started anything violent, with my fists or my words. This time has humbled me, and turned me into a kind, loving man who loves God. Everything in life does have a reason it takes it's course, and even though it took me through a total path of destruction, my relationship with God is in tact now. I have goals, I will have a chance to make something of my life when I am released.

I love to read, watch movies, listen to music and do art work. Prison brought me to God and saved me from impending death due to my drug use and partying ways. This is my story in brief. There is so much more to me. I hope you decide to write and get to know me.

Chris Lance #8099934


Chris Lance #8099934
911 N.E. Sunderland Ave
Portland, OR   97211

Race: Caucasian
Prefers to Write: Women
Convicted Of: Manslaughter and Burglary II

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