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Written by Nikita   
Monday, 07 September 2009 15:59

I was a drug dealing, meth addicted boyfriend of a girl who ran a daycare service and a Sunday school class. Talk about stressful...not long after that I started cooking meth. I came from a family where infidelity was not an option. My parents have been married for over 35 years and well on their way to 50 years.

Meth consumes your soul. I was soon cheating on everyone. My girl, my family and myself. The only thing I was loyal to was the PSUDOEPHEDRINE and the round-bottom boiling flask. Soon after I was in jail because the old dude I had buying the chemicals for me had a warrant for his arrest. The hotel we checked into for a little R&R ran his name. Got figure. We both go to jail. After a couple weeks in jail and a few court appearances later, the D.A. And the Drug Task Force decided I was a “little fish” and gave me a $20,000 personal Recognizance Bond. They even told me they would follow me around until I got another manufacturing case. I told them I learned my lesson and would never do it again.

There I was, free again- cooking meth. I was defiantly out of control this time. Bigger cooks, more money, and more women! Oh yeah, and I was on the run from the law. Not a care in the world. I had plenty of money for a good defense lawyer. They really didn't have me on anything anyway. It wasn't my hotel room- wasn't my stuff. That's my story.

Now I've moved into an up-scale metro Denver neighborhood. Lots of cops and lots of government officials lived in this area. Right under their noses, living the American Dream. So I thought...

To make a long story short, the D.E.A. Had my neighbor come to my door and ask for a cup of sugar. I know, crazy right?! The oldest trick in the book. As soon as I opened the door, BAM!! I was hit. They found 6 ounces of meth and another lab. The incident at the hotel and this one yielded me two ten year sentences running together.

There I was, sitting in prison with 10 years to do. All I could think was, “Boy I really have done it now.” I was pretty young so I was kinda scared. I only do a couple of years this time, so it wasn't too bad. I finally get released to a half-way house and it was Co-Ed. How lucky could I be, is all I could think!

I'm a pretty good looking dude and I have great social skills. It wasn't long before I was trying to touch on every good-looking lady at this place. I hadn't touched or smelt a female in years. Most of the women there were in the same situation I was. We were all in need of some affection. All in all I was focused on getting a job and staying out of prison. I went to every fast food joint, every Wal-Mart and every car shop within 10 miles of the halfway house. Nobody would hire me- so I turned to the one thing I knew would make me a little money. COOKING METH. Stupid Right? Needless to say after a few weeks of this reckless behavior I packed my stuff, never to return. The next 8 months of my life were crazy- and it would take forever to write about. If you want to know more, you'll have to shoot me a letter.

I received 2 years consecutive for ESCAPE from the halfway house. And of course the D.E.A. Found a lab when they caught me. I received a 12 year sentence for that. For a grand total of 24 years because I had a drug problem. Now ain't that a bitch!!!

That's my story!

I'm looking for some female companionship, letters to pass the time, using this time to get to know someone. There is so much inside me that I would like to share, but I've yet to find someone who cares enough to let me into their heart as I let them into mine. Take a chance, it's just a stamp and a minute of your time!




Wants To Write: Women
Convicted Of: Manufacture of Controlled Substance/Possession of Controlled Substance
Race: White




Jared Whalen #120969
                          P.O. Box 6000
                                           Sterling, Colorado, 80751

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