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Written by Nikita   
Monday, 07 September 2009 16:42

My name is Richard Schmittel, I'm 49, divorced and have 3 children that remain close, however I am looking for lasting friendships through this dark and trying time. Someone to share matters of the heart with and someone to share theirs with me.


Life can throw you some curves and sometimes it's good to have someone that cares. I am doing life and with that much time it's hard to find someone and get close. But I can offer a true friendship without lies or distrust and I only ask that in return. If you are interested in writing a solid Peckerwood (A Colorado Native), that stands with pride for his race and brothers, here I am, looking for a Featherwood.


I only will write those of my own beliefs. Letters will be answered and welcomed!! Photos are encouraged, white chicks only. There is a lot more to me and I hope to find someone to open up to. Maybe I could be the one to fill the void in your heart and life too.    Thanks



Wants to Write: Women
Convicted Of: Aggravated Armed Robbery
Race: White


Richard Schmittel #56079
P.O. Box 6000
Sterling, Colorado  80751

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Anonymous   |72.16.205.xxx |2010-02-10 18:46:22
3 children that remain close? Really? Why don't y ou write to your sons and tel
l them what it's like in Sterling so they're well aware when they becom e your
cell mates because that's exactly what's go ing to happen - they're losers just
like you!
Anonymous   |98.80.170.xxx |2010-04-27 18:53:50
I know his children and they are VERY good people. They did not get to choose w
ho there father was b ut they have chosen to love him. Like Richard you should
think before you judge. You should also kno w that Children does not mean that t
hey are all so ns. If you don't know who you are talking about ma ybe you should
not talk.
Anonymous   |72.16.205.xxx |2010-06-21 16:36:11
Actually, I'm aware that he also has a daughter - I was specifically referring
to his sons. Despite numerous opportunities, they remain and will alwa ys be w
orthless. Face it, the entire Schmittel fa mily is white trash - plain and simp
chris   |90.201.233.xxx |2010-04-12 19:33:27
hi there....you say theres a lot more to you?? wel l theres a lot more to me too
richard, though unfo rtunately, you are wearing blinkers, you wouldnt e ntertai
n a letter from myself based on my appearan ce, i am of mixed race. do your kids
a favour & te ach them not to hate ANYBODY before earning the ri ght to... what
i mean is actually getting to know the person before deciding to dislike them
(look w here its got you) my intention is not to put you d own or push race matt
ers on you, im thinking of yo ur poor children....im just trying to point out th
e fact that you can better youself no matter what situation you are in, you j
ust need to have a lit tle understanding & open your mind a bit. i do hop e one
day soon you start to think freely .....its a shame you close so many doors on
yourself when y ou have such little opportunity in the first place .
JJ   |72.234.142.xxx |2010-04-25 19:44:53
u r a loser! accept it, look where you are, you do nt deserve letters to make yo
u feel better u r sel fish in every meaning of the word.
Anonymous   |109.79.56.xxx |2010-07-25 22:34:30
You are full of shit..a racist wan ker..you swore on your childrens lives in pr
ison that when you go t out that you'd remain out of trouble so you had your fu
cking chance you loser and then you got ou t again for 3weeks after giving prom
ises..im so ha ppy im a free man..wow the things i can do on the outside that y
ou cant..you are a joke and always b e a liar and a loser because you cant keep
away fr om gang activity so f you!!!!!!!
emilio4rey  - mr   |41.202.198.xxx |2010-09-08 10:36:57
write me please
Anonymous   |71.196.193.xxx |2011-04-10 16:08:35
Actually the last time I checked you had 4 Childre n!!!! But I guess the first o
ne doesnt matter much . Actually none of them must matter much since you are th
ere and not with them! You made the choices in your life to put you where you a
re today, so d on't act like you're the only one suffering think about the fami
ly that you left behind. Actually th ey are better off without you in their live
s... no w at least they have the chance to live a decent l ife! They are nothing
like you and thats a great t hing! You obviously havent changed, your heart is
full of hate for people that are of differant race than you!!! Who would want
to be like that!!! You just go on living your miserable narrow minded li fe!
geoff  - mr.   |70.51.218.xxx |2011-12-28 20:09:20
Wholly fuk man, the way you ppl talk about this gu y is fukking disgusting. You
fukks arent any diffe rent than the next. Take a look in the mirror and take a
look at the fukking thing looking back, wha t do you see? i bet fuk all.
KJ   |208.54.39.xxx |2012-06-09 22:20:54
I am one of your victims... You have the nerve to ask for companionship. You br
utally beat me while I was pregnant and almost killed my family. I have found
god and do not wish or hate anyone... I onl y Pray and thank God for the love he
has put in my heart as I see he has not done that for you, its unfortunate.
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